Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Somewhere around "here" is where our missionary is today.....
Yesterday morning I received a wonderful good morning from my favorite missionary. He was standing at the pay phone in the Salt Lake international airport for exactly 40 minutes and 15 seconds ( my phone keeps time). We talked about everything and hardly anything since there was so much that needed saying and no way to put it into words. When it was finally time for him to board we exchanged our "I love yous" and he promised to call again, on Christmas. It was wonderful to hear his voice and feel the magnified spirit so present there. He was ready to fly, in so many ways. Later on yesterday I got a second surprise in the form of a call from the Ohio Cincinnati mission office. Sister Stevens was simply calling to let me know that he was safely there, had eaten and would be taken care of. Pretty much everything a mother wants to know. Today is the day he will have interviewed with President Robbins and then given his assignment. 15 missionaries arrived yesterday and so I would imagine this process will have taken a good part of the day. Perhaps before the night is over we will receive a brief e-mail from a tired Elder serving somewhere in Kentucky, or West Virginia, Indiana or Ohio. We look forward to knowing as much as he can tell. We will keep you posted- when the anticipated letter arrives.

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Kathy F. said...

Very exciting! It is a thrill to hear his voice, no? By now he will have started the door-knocking and the whole adventure. Likely he even introduced himself in Sacrament Meeting. He'll do great!