Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Preparation Day

Hey Mom and Dad,
As you can see, I have my own e-mail account now!! So you
can give this to anyone who wants it, and they can send
me e-mails directly to this account.However, I have to
send their replies to you first and then you can forward
them to the appropriate person. I learned this from Aaron,
who has an e-mail account as well.I'm sure you got my
most recent letter,but I figured I would e-mail you today,
considering it's P-DAY!!!!I can't believe I've already been
here for a week.I come back to the dorm at the end of
every day completely exhausted!I love it!!!! My teachers are
so awesome!Their names are Brother Weaver, who served
in the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission,and our other
teacher is Brother R.That's what we call him because his
last name is REALLY hard to pronounce. It's Laotian,
which is what he teaches here in addition to our class.
He went to the California San Jose Mission.Oh, and we
just got a THIRD teacher,Brother Bradshaw,who's been back
only 7 months. He went to the South Africa Johannesburg Mission,
and he knew an elder there who went to AF High and
is friends with me!
Ah yes, I just remembered something cool!
My companion, Elder Ewald's dad served in the Arizona
Tempe Mission from '81 to '83,so Dad just missed him!
Well,the days just seem to be flying by, but I want
this one to last because we're going to the temple,
and I'm VERY excited!New missionaries are coming in
today, and it just makes it hard to believe that I
was one of them a week ago! I've learned a ton and
there is more to come, hopefully.
Our devotional speaker last night was Elder
Steven E.Snow and he gave a great talk on recognizing
the Spirit.That was especially nice for me,because
I had told Brother our interview that I wanted
to get better at recognizing the promptings of the
Spirit more often, so Elder Snow's talk was an answer
to prayer for me. Well, say hi to everyone for me and
tell Branson thanks for those Snickerdoodles from
Quiznos. I wonder how he got those.....
So long for now,I've gotta finish my laundry!
Don't worry Mom, I have JUST whites running
in the wash, in case you were curious.


Elder Isaac Livingston

"God will always help those who help themselves...."


Amy said...

I love the laundry comment! Go Ike!

Kathy F. said...

What a great letter! Sounds like Isaac is doing great.

shawn said...

hey ike.
i searved in the penn philly mission like your teacher, but that was before there was dirt.

i think i actually knocked on william penn's door once;-)

uncle shawn.