Monday, June 8, 2009

Work is good medicine

Work is good medicine. I'd say I discovered that once again this past week, and the Lord immediately raised me above what I was capable of reaching alone. The miracle of the Atonement is that we don't have to walk alone, because truly the Savior is the only one who ever did. I have been seeking to turn my life over to God, and He has responded by shaping me for the better. In fact, He may even be physically shaping me right now, my lower back kind of hurts at the moment. :) I decided to start reading through those talks Dad sent me again, and I have learned so much about how the Lord's will is the ONLY will.

This past week, we finally were able to teach 20 lessons, a goal that was established by the First Presidency and the Twelve for us to accomplish each week. It required a great deal of faithful prayer combined with unwavering diligence and hard work....ALL led by the Spirit and nothing else. The fact is that you can want something more than anything in the world, but if it isn't the will of the Lord then it's not important. I give all the credit for the success we've experienced to God, and I know He has a lot more in store for us. This next week is already looking real busy, and I'm excited to wear myself out by serving others. That's an easy way to drive out the selfish stuff, just getting out there and focusing on other people. I'm excited that we get to help out at the Banana Split Festival this week, and we're hoping Pres. Robbins can come as well. If there's two things that missionaries can aim for on their missions, then I'd say it would be developing charity and a love for the people. To me, those two are inseparable.

I'm also excited that we are allowed to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert next Thursday the 18th in Cincinnati! Luckily, we have an investigator who is going and so all we need to do is find a member to go with us.  I view these two upcoming events as excellent opportunities to share the gospel, and I can't wait to see the miracles take place.  I know this is the Lord's work, and there is nothing I'd rather be doing right now than this.

I felt compelled to share my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday, and the words I spoke could not have been crafted simply by my mind. That is the miracle of the Holy Ghost, and members of the Church have the RIGHT to constant companionship. The power that is in the scriptures as well as the words of modern prophets provide us with a never-ending wealth of knowledge to guide our everyday decisions. As I have sought to study, ponder, and apply their teachings, I have noticed that I've become bolder at teaching and testifying of the gospel truths....especially to those who just want to get their point across. No matter how receptive these people are, NO ONE can refute a pure, sincere testimony.

The Lord has infinite mercy, in fact I can picture Him on the edge of His "seat", anxious to help us face life. I have no desire to complain, for there really isn't much to complain about. The works, designs, and purposes of God will go forever forward without ceasing. I pray that the Lord will continue to rain His blessings down from the heavens onto you, and I hope I may become what the Lord wants me to become. Have a wonderful and blessed week! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!

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Jen said...

Oh I just loved that letter! What a wonderful missionary! Even a bit of funny - love him!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

Love you IKE!
Aunt Jenny