Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The work goes on

Hard to believe the month is almost over!! What the heck is going on?! I've been gone 8 months and so much wonderful things are happening, especially there at home. It is amazing to see the Lord raining blessings down upon you, and it helps me feel that I'm at least doing something right.

As I indicated last week, Bro. Tracy Watson, director of the Prosleyting Department, came to our Zone Conference on Thursday. What a treat it was to have him instruct us!! On a quick side note, I believe that the new gospel art book would be a fantastic tool for missionaries. I looked through it a couple weeks ago and was pretty fascinated with what I saw. I thought to myself, "This is almost like Preach My Gospel, only it's in pictures!"  Bro. Watson wanted our feedback on it, and I gave my whole-hearted endorsement for it. So, back to the work. Bro. Watson really opened my eyes to see that EVERYTHING we teach should be geared towards My Purpose, as stated on Pg. 1 of Preach My Gospel. Thank you for instilling in me what my purpose as a missionary is, it's something I have to think about every day or I've forgotten the reason I came on a mission!! That's pretty much the first thing we read in PMG, and the Brethren were dead on with putting it right there. Ever since Bro. Watson's training, we have been earnestly seeking to gear all the lessons towards those objectives he outlined, and I've noticed that the people we're teaching are paying WAY more attention. Because of that, the number of new investigators has also improved gradually, and our next aim is to help the members embrace the study of Preach My Gospel the way we have. As it states in PMG, a regular study of it will foster unity between members and full-time missionaries. We have been putting a big emphasis on Family Mission Plans, and the key to those being successful will be not just setting goals w/members, but following up on them.

Yesterday was a memorable Stake Priesthood, all of the speakers did a very good job. It was almost like another Zone Conference too, I saw missionaries everywhere! I suppose the only question I have is how I can better teach people the importance of authority. The trend I've noticed throughout my mission is that when teaching the first lesson, by far the hardest thing to help people understand has been authority. When that happens, they don't fully understand the significance of the Great Apostasy nor, even more importantly, the Restoration. I feel like I've used every scripture and analogy that I know how to use, so if you know of anything I need to do more of, or do differently, I gladly welcome any advice. On a happier note, Kenny Ewing is progressing along very well! We plan to set a baptismal date with him this week, but first he needs to come to Church a few times. I feel like that's the only thing standing between him and baptism, and I know he would've come yesterday if he hadn't been sick. He's reading from the Book of Mormon and praying on his own, and he told us that he has faith that he will receive an answer, and he's beginning to! He told us that he used to feel like any answer you received from God would come immediately and in some miraculous way. However, when we taught him, we explained that God will answer every earnest prayer, but it will always be in His own time and in His own way. He is receiving answers gradually, and I am so happy knowing that we taught pure, simple doctrine and bore testimony by the Spirit. With Drake Coleman, we feel that he understands the gospel, but doesn't fully see the need for obedience, so naturally he hasn't recognized the blessings. Our goal is to show him the importance of obedience, and of course promise him blessings for doing so. He has the desire to be baptized, but it is clear to us after talking with him that Satan is working very hard to distract him. We will help him in any way that we can, and I seek an interest in your prayers on his behalf.

Well, I can't express how grateful I am for this gospel and the peace and joy that it brings every day! I am remembering to always share it with a smile too. :) I got Mom's letter last week, and I hope she and the kids get home safely and that they had a wonderful time in "The Green State."  I know that because we have the fulness of the gospel, we will be together forever and no wordly power can take that from us, and that makes us great! The temple is an unbelievable source of power and safety, we truly are never lost when we can see the temple. I pray that this week will continue to yield blessings for each of you, I have full confidence that it will!! God Bless!

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shawn rowley said...

you have really hit the mastery stage of being a missionary early, you are doing so well.

what a great blessing to be a missionary at a time when the world is being humbled.