Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still going strong in Wilmington

Happy Tuesday from Wilmington!

Elder Lundquist is on his way to West Virginia, while I'm still here with my new companion, Elder Janiec from Highland, UT. He knows a lot of people from AF that I do, so that's pretty cool to have a companion who knows something about your hometown.

Well, first off I am grateful for the opportunity to continue serving in Wilmington. I know that Elder Janiec and I can and will accomplish much good in furthering the Lord's work here. Winter just can't get enough of us, can it? We had great weather a few days ago but it has cooled off considerably since then, as I'm sure you've noticed.

Conference was absolutely amazing, I loved every single talk! There is nothing in all the world quite like General Conference. What a blessing it is to know that we have prophets and apostles, and that they will not lead us astray! I also sustain Elder Andersen in his new calling, I know that he will do very well. Every talk had something(s) in it for me, and I have a renewed commitment and enthusiasm to not only share the gospel, but to live it! It was also great to celebrate the 179th anniversary of the Church yesterday. It seems like so long ago, but it really hasn't been....and yet, look at how much it has grown and continues to grow. We also have the unique opportunity at this time of the year to be talking with people whose thoughts are, for most of them, turned to the Savior and His last week of mortality. I know that as we center our thoughts and actions on Jesus Christ, great things will happen.

I am so grateful for the Duty to God program, as well as Scouting. They prepare you for so many things, definitely a mission as well. I have seen how it has done that and will be forever grateful to you and friends, as well as leaders who helped shape me into who I have become. In fact, you are still shaping me, so I am eternally grateful for everything that has been done in my behalf.

Jumping back to Conference, I really liked Elder Perry's talk about member missionary work. I think it could serve as a standard here in helping the members to do just that. Their willingness and desire to share the gospel has definitely improved since I've been here, and I know it will continue to do so as we work in harmony. I pray for each of you to have similar experiences, so you can feel the joy that comes with bearing testimony of the restored gospel. I can still hardly believe that I have been out as long as I have, I'm at the point now where I wish I could have a chance to make up for those opportunities I missed. Oh well, I hope that future missionaries and members will be more bold than I was.

Also, I will FINALLY be sending home the latest pictures today, hope you all enjoy them as much as I did taking them! I ask for the blessings and love of the Lord to continue to shine on each of you, lighting a path that leads to true happiness. This Church is true, the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and most importantly, Jesus is the Christ and He LIVES!! So until next week, God be with you!!!!

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