Saturday, October 25, 2008

Transfer Day

Dear Family,

All I have to say is that the weekend of transfers is not very fun. This has been a very long and tiring day, and I am only now getting around to e-mailing you. Just for future information, the end of this transfer will be on December 3rd, so that should save us a lot of unnecessary confusion. First off, some news. Elder Hall was transferred today, I have no idea where. My new companion is Elder Allred from Canada. He has not been out much longer than I have, only a month or so I think. They brought him all the way from the other side of the mission, in Huntington. For that reason, I was stuck at a meetinghouse for 8 HOURS waiting for him to show up. It was truly terrible, but at least I was able to get some sleep, seeing as I have been up since 4 AM. We've been rushing around trying to get things done, so we aren't really acquainted at all yet.

As for the work, I don't remember if I told you in my letter, but we have two new investigators that we are now teaching. We have an appointment with them on Thursday. Their names are Preston and Linda Johnson, and they seem very well prepared to receive the messages of the gospel. Also, on a less-important note (but still important to me) they are VERY big Reds fans, so we talked about that for a couple of minutes last time when we met them! We have plenty of potential investigators that we are scheduled to see throughout the week, so I'm really hoping we can eventually teach and baptize all of them. Nice to hear that the weather out there has been nice, as it is getting considerably colder out here. It's kind of weird because there hasn't been any clouds lately, but it keeps getting COLDER! Well, eventually I'll be able to break in that nice, new coat.

My spiritual moment today came while I was waiting for Elder Allred to get here. Myself and the other elders that were also waiting watched 2 Church films: Special Witnesses of Christ and How Rare A Possession. Those are two of my favorites, and it really reinvigorated me because I was so tired and I was the only elder from my district still at the chapel. The testimonies of Pres. Hinckley and the other apostles, plus that of Parley P. Pratt and Vincenzo really made me feel stronger. I once again realized that my testimony is my most effective tool in bringing people to a knowledge of the truth, so I really do need to be in tune to the promptings of the Spirit. I am very hopeful that in this next month I can have the opportunity of seeing someone I taught enter the waters of baptism. I don't think anything could compare with it; except that is receiving letters from you back home.

I know that the Lord continues to love and care for you as He has for me, and that is only going to continue and get better. So until next week, I love you all and pray for you all!!


Elder Isaac Livingston


shawn said...

good job ike.

We love you Brit! said...

Go Ike. Go Reds. Speaking of Reds... I am likely related to his new companion Elder All"red". My mother was an Allred and we all tie into a common ancestor with the original spelling Aldridge. So, tell my nephew to tell my 8th cousin hi!