Monday, October 13, 2008

The Power of the Word

The power of the word from BIG BROTHERS... We are feeling blessed by the letters home- they strengthen each of our testimonies greatly. Cal has had a harder time than the rest of us adjusting to the absence of his best buddy. It is therefore such a blessing to read him Isaac's letters home.It helps strengthen his fragile little testimony as he hears the joy his big brother has in the work of the Lord.
Oct 13, 2008-I had my first interview with Pres. Robbins this past week, and that went really well. He's encouraging all of us to use the Book of Mormon more when we teach, so I'm glad that I started reading it once again. Amazingly, we have the potential to teach up to 10 INVESTIGATORS throughout this week....that will only happen if we remember to call all of them and set up appointments. I am hopeful that I can eventually see them all get baptized, but it will take a lot of work. The talks at general conference definitely help to strengthen my resolve and motivation to do missionary work, but I have to believe that we can experience success. In other words, success is not just going to fall into my lap, because as James 2:17-18 says, "Faith without works is dead."


We love you Brit! said...

How grand to have 2 missionaries serving the Lord from our little family! I have truly been lifted through their inspiring emails. To see their focus so structured and energized gives me insight as to how insignificant some things I waste my time worrying about are. It has been amazing to see the spiritual maturity they both have. As for you Elder, make sure that that weather related "Ike" isn't the only hurricane that Ohio sees! We love you and pray for you and those you serve.

The Landrum Fam

Kathy F. said...

It's so great to see the commitment and growth these young men experience as they faithfully serve!