Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Elder Ike-by his sister

I miss Isaac!
But I am sooooooooooooooooo
that he went on a mission!
He has learned and grown and
taught and been taught
and laughed and prayed
and probably cried, too
And now we get to see
what all of those verbs
did to him!
Raise your virtual hand if you're excited!
And by that I mean

Give a shout-out to my bro,
who has served diligently.

I have an inkling, though...that he won't be done when the tag comes off.
Hallelujah. :)


Ging said...

My hands are up. Those kind of tags never come off unless we want them to. Amazing experience for sure. 2 weeks- 23 hours and 25 minutes

Jen said...

Hands up over here! Love that boy! Love you too Kenz!

Amy said...

Cute post Kenz. My hand is raised.

Joey Couch said...

gaballoquite nice he has helped a lot of people threw out his to year serves and I am glad to be one of them
If it was not for him and his lessons I wood have not became a member of the church you are quite write he is only just geting started and has got quite a fiew years ahead of him.
Thank you all for your suptort of elder Livingston I am glad to have him as a friend