Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dear Family,

Well, I finally made it to a library so I can e-mail you all! Here's the OTHER good news: I'M IN CINCINNATI!!!!!!!! Mom's prediction was right, and my long ago prediction made at the age of 6 has ALSO been fulfilled!! My new companion is Elder Loveland from Cambridge, ID. He's been out for around a year, so it's good to be with someone who has some experience under their belt. Whew! That's about the only word I can think of to sum up transfers!  From what Elder Loveland has told me, there is a lot going on here, which ought to be expected since it's a big town with tons of people who need the gospel. We also pretty much have to rely on the bus to get around here, but I think it will be fun. Before I forget, we are moving into a new apartment sometime next week, so it would probably be better to send any mail to the mission address until I can get you the new one. We have a family here (well, 4 of them that is) who are scheduled for baptism on March 26th, I believe. You can imagine I was pretty stoked to find THAT out! I also have heard that our zone leaders are going to try and get tickets to the Reds Opening Day game, which falls on preparation day!!!! YEAH, I THINK IT'S AN UNDERSTATEMENT TO SAY I'M REALLY STOKED TO BE IN CINCINNATI!! I'm also confident that Elder Rush and his new companion will be able to continue what was done in Hazard, and my prayers are with them. The people there are great, and I know the Lord blessed us abundantly because we had faith in His promises. It is quite a contrast, though, going from a mountainous country town to the population center of this mission. Obviously, with an area this size and this kind of population, it will take some getting used to.

Wow, so many new things and plenty of new experiences that are sure to come! I know that as we exercise faith and believe that there are prepared individuals and families out there ready to be baptized and go through the temple, the Lord will grant it unto us. Faith is the key! I'm not really experiencing a culture shock going from Hazard to Cincinnati, but I will say that it is definitely a different world. I'm looking forward to seeking the Lord's will as to what He would have us accomplish this transfer, and am also excited for  General Conference!! It doesn't hurt that we get to take our suit jackets off next month either. :) 

Well, I'm not sure what I else there is to add at this point, except that our new apartment has a blacktop basketball court out back, so you know where I'll be during exercises and downtime!! Yeah, that's kind of a random thing to close a letter with, but you know how I am. :) I hope that Ellie is feeling better and that Cal isn't tormenting her too much. Regardless, I love 'em! And I think it's a great idea for Kenz to go to Mexico!! Kudos to that one! I hope Dad is having luck with his new job, and that Mom is continuing to sell her merchandise successfully! Your stories, faith, and testimonies are awe-inspiring every time I read them! Thank you for praying for and supporting me every minute of every day. I can feel that strength coming to me!! Hope you all have another wonderful and spiritual week!                                                                         


Elder Isaac Livingston


Brit said...

hmmm...I wonder if my letter reached him before he moved! I hope so.

Ging said...

Hurray for dreams come true and a mother who can occasionaly predict the future.