Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working hard in...

Dear Family,
First order of business: I'm still in Hazard!

Second order of business: You can start e-mailing me next week at this new address-

Third order of business: Well, the usual weekly report! Well, I'm glad to still be in Hazard! And despite all the success we had last transfer, we plan to aim higher during the next 6 weeks. One of our primary focuses will be on finding more investigators, something that was a little bit difficult last transfer. Teaching, however, was not: 142 lessons in all! WOW!! We plan to accomplish our goals in 3 areas: Book of Mormon Class, Black Gold Referrals, and Working with Stake and Ward Leaders (Preach My Gospel, ch. 13). We've identified specific actions for each goal and plan on seeing them carried out successfully.

I feel this area can do even better than last year, when the branch was blessed with 7 convert baptisms. I can see at least 4 people we're teaching that should definitely get baptized: Dustin Cornett, Emily Cornett, and Wilma and Jessica Bowman. We have great recent converts as well, and we were able to take Joey Couch to a couple appointments last week! He's totally up to going with us every week as long as we give him enough of a heads-up, so we plan on taking full advantage of THAT blessing! He has most of his braille materials, and my goodness there is a lot of them! His Preach My Gospel alone is 3 volumes!

This coming Sunday, we are teaching the combined lesson about none other than a Family Mission Plan. Good thing we have that form President Robbins gave us which tells us what an FMP is and how to develop one! It also helps that this was something I did a lot of with the ward members while I was a ward missionary, and you know how passionate I am about member-missionary work! So, it sounds like you all have been very busy lately, but at the same time things seem to be going well for everyone. That's good that Kenz could be headed back to Quiznos for work, good ol' Larry and Denise. Well, this should be another great transfer! The Lord has really blessed us so far, and I know He will continue to do so if we trust Him and follow Him! Have a great week!


mounten man said...

You all can be glad of elder Livingston because as long as I have been working with him which goes back to October or earlyer my memory does not go back that far he is a furm bleaver in prayer and good old hard work.
I have red his blog from the time that it was started in the somer of 2008 to the present it is something to see how the lord is able to work and use those who are willing to put forth the efert elder livingston is from what I am able to see some one who will go far at what ever he puts his mind to.
You all have a good one.
brother Joey Couch from Hazard ky.
sorry for any miss spellings spelling is not one of my strinkths

JP Anderson said...

Welcome Mounten Man! I am Elder Livingston's uncle. I really not a whole lot older than he and definitely not wiser. If you happen to comment more, it will be interesting to hear more about E' Livingston from a third party witness. It is also interesting to hear the perspectives of others on the gospel. We may live in the same country but it can seem like a different world. Looking forward to your comments.

Joey Couch said...

I will try to leave some sort of comments because he will be with us in hazard for another munth before moving on.
I did not find out about this blog until the first part of this week or I wood tryed to give you all some sort of feed back before now you all take care

Amy said...

142 lessons!! Wow Isaac. We are so proud of you and grateful for your work in bringing the gospel to others.

shawn rowley said...

brother couch
thank you and welcome.

elder livingston is as true a man as i have known.

it is as hard to do with out him here, as is it is good for him to serve you there.

thank you for your help to him as he fullfills a mission for the Lords kingdom.

shawn rowley...(uncle)