Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Else has Elder Livingston Been Doing??

In honor of ONE YEAR in the mission field (Yes, you read correctly, today is the 1 year anniversary for Isaac entering the MTC.) we thought it was time you saw what else Elder Livingston is up to. Although these do not represent his day-to-day work as a missionary, they are very typical of what missionaries do. Or so I've been told. Here is a synopsis in pictures:

EATING RIGHT- Or perhaps well is a better word.

Receiving Packages
Service Projects

Making New Friends

Getting Plenty of Exercise

Continuing to Fight the Dark Side
Avoiding Loud Music

Performing on Stage

Staying in Tandem with his Companion
Knocking on Every Door

Getting His Hair Done


shawn rowley said...

lol. lol.. i love it. i love it.

he is such a missionary....ok can i start picking out young women for him at my ward now???

ah come on! he's almost home!...

Jen said...

that was funny! He doesn't really ride a tandem bike with is comp does he! LOL!