Thursday, February 12, 2009

By Small and Simple Things...

Dear Family,

Well, I'd have to say this was our most productive week since I've been in Wilmington. We have been working hard towards getting 20 lessons a week and were able to get 10, which is good for an area where we serve in a branch. We are, however, still optimistic that we can get 20 lessons and I am hoping this week is it. Our branch president (who is still branch mission leader) and our assistant branch mission leader are working with us to announce a plan to the members here that will help us achieve that goal of getting 20 lessons. I feel like we are on the verge of achieving a lot of success here, so we'll have to see how things play out.

Elder Lundquist and I are the right companions for each other, and at the right time. Our personalities are similar in a lot of ways, we rarely disagree about what to do during the day, and we NEVER keep information from the other person. I feel that this companionship is the best one I've been in since my first transfer because we are working hard and having fun at the same time, so things never get dull and we don't often find ourselves lacking something to do.

We were privileged on Saturday night to go over to the hospital, which is across the street from our apartment, and administer a priesthood blessing to a member from St. Louis. He is terminally ill and has been given approximately a year to live, so it was a very humbling and spiritual experience. He then told us that his stepfather is not a member and has been asking lots of questions about the Church, so at his request we gave him one of everything that we had. Hopefully his stepfather will use all those materials and begin an investigation of the Church. It's always a tremendous opportunity when I get to exercise my priesthood for the benefit of others, it makes me really excited to tell people the blessings that can be theirs if they are but willing to learn about the Church.

Elder Lundquist and I also spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday, and that was a neat experience. I spoke about temples and missionary work (two of my favorite subjects!) and how they relate to one another. I hope that some of what I said was left on the members and that their desire to share the gospel will increase dramatically. We have several appointments with members this week in which we will share lessons from PMG and set up Family Mission Plans. I'm excited to see what this area can accomplish when we unite with the members to spread the gospel message all over Clinton County. Well, that's the state of things in Wilmington right now, I feel great about this week and what the Lord has in store for us. So anyway, I hope you all have another great week, and may God be with you always!

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Ging said...

Moms sometimes need to say how pleased they are to have such a focused and optimistic son. I am so happy he is doing what he should be, when he should be doing it. I love you Isaac!!